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The 6th global Systems Leadership Development Association conference took place in September 2018 at Moor Hall, Cookham in the UK.

Among many presenters from a diverse range of organisations were Mark Cutifani and Margaret Pickworth from Anglo American, Benna Waites from the Aneurin Bevan Health Board, Prof. Andy Adcroft, Deputy Dean of Surrey Business School, Mark Allen and Sam Symes, schooprincipals from far north Queensland. Thank you to everyone for their contributions.

If you would like to view the material from the conference, please check the SLDA website.

Current Projects

The work in education in Far North Queensland, Australia continues. Ian Macdonald will be working with schools across the region during March with another visit planned for summer 2019. Here combining SLT with new pedagogical approaches has resulted in significant improvements in student outcomes. The Systems Leadership Association established in March 2015 for the principals of the high schools and colleges there continues to develop under the leadership of Mark Allen.

Throughout 2019 Ian will be running courses for the Clinical Psychology unit of NHS Wales. We continue to support and complement the work of the Welsh government in Welsh public service leadership excellence. An entry from the ABCi won the Leadership category at the All Wales Continuous Improvement Community Awards in 2017. Ian is an associate member of ABCi.

We provide continuing consultancy and training for a Mexican mining company. We are also providing bespoke consulting services to train and advise two major mining companies on leadership development and organisational effectiveness and Ian will be running a training session in South Africa at the end of January.

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Creating Positive Organisations

The second edition of Systems Leadership: Creating Positive Organisations is now available to buy.

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